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This is an attempt to summarize some recent discussion about Drupal 8 direction and development, it is heavily biased towards my own opinions and is not intended to be either neutral or comprehensive. There is still plenty to discuss around all of this, while there has also been a significant move towards a consensus on some areas as well.

First, framework vs. product is a false dichotomy. Drupal core is both a crap framework, and a crap product, either of them on their own would have died a very quick and lonely death some time ago.

Why all the drama?

This is the first of two blog posts to try to summarize recent discussions around Drupal core direction. First I want to look at some of the history leading up to the discussion and where things currently stand.

While I worked a lot on the Drupal 7 release, and overall am very happy with how it turned out, there have also been a lot of problems - especially apparent during latter half of the release cycle.

Drupal 8 performance and scalability - module bloat, part 1

UPDATE: while preparing the stats for this blog post, I confirmed a regression in page caching that had previously been reported by Heine, there's now an issue at which fixes a good proportion of that regression

Following the comments on audience priorities, since a good chunk of the discussion was around actual performance issues, I’m going to go straight into one of the main issues that we didn’t manage to do much with in Drupal 7 - module bloat.

Drupal 8 performance and scalability - audience priorities

This is the first of what may be (or may not, let's see how it goes) a series of blog posts looking at performance and scalability in Drupal 8.

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